Columbia Gorge Bluegrass Festival 2021
July 22 – 25


Our long awaited festival is now just a few weeks away.   We have added a few new bands to our list so make sure to check it out.  The Columbia Gorge Bluegrass Festival will feature amazing instrument workshops and a country show and dance band that won’t be forgotten any time soon.

Kathy Kallick websiteKathy KallickCentral Valley Boys website


Runaway Train website

Runaway Train1

Hardshell Harmony (3)

Sunny South

Whisky Deaf
Whisky Deaf

The Portland Radio Ponies
Portland Radio Ponies

Jon Meek, Josiah Payne, Kian Dye, Rob Wright, Patrick Connell


Ellie Hakanson



The Golden Age of County Music Show/Dance Band
Country Band

Ellie – Fiddle
Kian – Fiddle
Robin Steel Guitar
Rob – Bass
Don – Drums
Fred – Guitar
Surprise Guests!

Thank you!

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